Eminem – Lighters ft. Bruno Mars lyrics

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This is the official eminem lighters featuring bruno mars with the number one in the charts in august. ENJOY


sakora winkler says:


sakora winkler says:

pewds says it /)_-

GamesCureBoredem says:

I agree fully with you, maybe that little girl liked this song, maybe the person who wrote it feels this song reminds them of her. Thanks you’re a lovely person standing up for what is right. It was a pleasure and a ray of light to see someone standing up against people like that. Have a good day :)

Koehler013 says:

umm.. thanks You have a good day 2 :)

xasbo says:

This is hideously low quality audio. :(

Oved Peterson says:

Bruno Mars just kills it

Jessica Gardener says:

not funny bro :{[

Jessica Gardener says:

i love this song:)

Cloey Lam says:

thats nice?!?! PewDiePie Harlem Shake O_O

sakora winkler says:

O_O never speak of that

missy101luv says:

It’s a sad song.

missy101luv says:

My eyes.. That was amazing XXD

MrHamking says:

attention whore.

Wiio911 says:

So i can be christian and NOT go to church and NOT follow any of the rules my religion tells me to follow? HOORAY!!

teranz0 says:

Well, that wouldn’t make you a good Christian. But sadly, it does make you a normal one…

teranz0 says:

20 bucks says she has no cousin named Julia.

Amy Jones says:

I heard Bruno Mars & Eminem and I laughed. But this actually works :D

thepiddlick123 says:

You’re a moron.

TheCreedMember says:

You’re truly an idiot.

john carlo says:

like if u think Eminem is better looking than Justin biber and better singer

kgma1999 says:

youre fucking stupid

ShadowKiller8900 says:

please check out my channel(:

SuperDJMONSTA says:

subbed at u

bsilvio17 says:

344 are faggots

Chris Anderson says:

so true so true i did the same thing

BrensJoint says:

goosebumps.. every.. single.. time

Becky ramdyal says:

I love this song

Pip Power says:


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Brylee Boo Gordon says:

2013! (:

Julius Escano says:

One of the best songs of this generation, which is filled with horrible music!

WhosFrazz says:

Like if you can rap all this

KyNeOsW elle eau V e says:

one fore 

KyNeOsW elle eau V e says:

st(ill) KING

12ShCna says:

Had a dream I was king … I woke up Still king !! Wow Eminem WOOOOOW

Rest4life1 says:

Eminem born like a rap king

epsnula01 says:

Is* Eminem IS the king of rap.

lostinadaydream143 says:

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Julius Escano says:

If any of you guys know something about boxing, 3:09 tells what happened to Manny Pacquiao, who is mentioned in this song.

Ryan SpellCaster says:

I don’t have any.

Minato Namikaze says:

eminem <3 !!

shikigama1233 says:

we got a badass over here

sakora winkler says:

……calm your nipples 

bsilvio17 says:

shut the fuck up and enjoy the fucking song

Ryan SpellCaster says:

Ok fair enough.

sakora winkler says:


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