Pink ft Nate Ruess – Just Give Me A Reason (Lyrics)

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Pink’s newest song called Just Give Me a Reason featuring Nate Ruess. Song information: Artist: Pink – Just Give Me A Reason FT Nate Ruess Album: The Truth A…


siamcruz naval says:

just give me a reason why i love this song and killing the replay button!!!:))

shaunadeverssd says:

Ikr its so amazing:)))

0CASPER5 says:


Selina M. says:

I ♡ IT *-*

selinaorgun says:


basiliozindrelle19 says:

The song was so nice ;)

moalim ali says:

i love nate ruess. . !

Rose Dez says:


candyninja12 says:

I thought at first it was the person from FUN.

Alina Cojocaru says:


Reese Betton says:

it is the person from fun :D

Steph O says:

Same here. Just heard this song today on my way home and HAD to know who sang it. So now on you for the last hour. REPLAY REPLAY

Gunnarpitcher22 says:

Love it!!!!!!!

utzcourtneyk says:

love this song

dylan dostie says:

this song reminds me of my girlfriends and i realtionship i love her so much

bangming75 says:

very nice and Smart song, coz every body ever through the story :-)

liv p says:

Love this song!

Mimi dummheit says:

Love this Song ❤

Brittany Boo says:

It is person from fun

Preet Gill says:

Aaahhh!!!! *victim*

Preet Gill says:


chantalstattmann says:


fionaglodschei says:


piperjo1 says:

thinking this is like the districs from the hunger games maybe katniss starts singing this and it makes the hunger game sponsors not sponsor so they have to cancel the hunger games :P

Paul Rila says:


Paul Rila says:

dat is het ook
ik ben er fan van

feathpwns says:

Yes, Nate Ruess is the lead singer of fun.

feathpwns says:

It is. fun.’s lead singer is Nate Ruess. I would know, I’ve been to 10 concerts. :)

kassidy ehret says:

this song reminds me of my crush

kassidy ehret says:


beyoubeehoney says:

Um who is nate ruess… this is pink and fun

Katelin Glendenning says:

Nice song

marissa7918 says:

OMG I’m with you on this one!

prprincess00662 says:

I love this it make me remember from where I come 3

ThePrinces198 says:

love it !!

Loislivya says:

beyoubeehoney- no, nate ruess from fun was in this, but the rest of the band didnt play in it, i presume :)

jamie bieber says:

I love this song it’s always stuck in my head

justinlove0808 says:

raping that replay buttonnnnnn

sudb5476 says:

Saw Pink in Houston. Best concert ever. She’s amazing!

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