Roar by Katy Perry Lyrics Video

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This is my first lyrics video on youtube on the song Roar by Katy Perry. I hope you guys like it and I spent a lot of time so yea :) Please like, comment, an…


Techmaniaalex says:

Yep. Alot better than the one you commented on :D

stuckbeingcharlotte says:

Great video! Lyrics were good and the audio is great quality!:)

ItzKennyT says:

Thanks guise! If you have any suggestions, pm me!

HaleyCupcakeLPS says:

Thank you so much for this! I was looking all over for one that has audio and is compatible with the iPhone. Trying to learn the lyrics.

ItzKennyT says:

Yea, no problem! :)

Sissaatje says:

YOU MY DARLING. are my hero for uploading this! thankyouu! :)

Kylie Angelie says:

how’d you make this?! it’s awesome thanks!

ItzKennyT says:

I used imovie and that took a LOT of work :P and no problem :) 

Woot Woodle says:

ah finally, one that works!

ItzKennyT says:

yea, haha

ItzKennyT says:


suckycovers says:

thank you so much

ItzKennyT says:

Yea, np :)

ItzKennyT says:

If anyone has any lyrics video suggestions, im still taking them! :) just inbox me!!!

Rohan Cherian says:


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