justin timberlake – mirror ♥ (lyrics)

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hphadl says:

Good job!
All the lyrics are correct in my opinion. :)

Abigail Thomas says:

thank you they are grate :)

sford341 says:

Yey someone got all the lyrics right!!! Thank you :)

Brianna Di says:

Put your hand on the glass*** as in the glass if the mirror and, the vacancy that sat in my heart is a space that now you hold*** listen closely.

Brianna Di says:

But, other than that, everything was right!!! Good job. ;)

Brianna Di says:

Thank you for not putting ‘a pocket full or SOAP’.

Erick Kibada says:

Sound Awesome

denise116551 says:

I love song so much

Anita RM says:

“just put your hand on the glass”

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