Broken Bridges By Toby Keith And Lindsey Haun Lyrics On-Screen HD

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Lyrics of Broken Bridges By Toby Keith and Lindsey Haun On-screen HD Hope you enjoy!!


Johnny DeLapp says:

not to sound stupid… but whats a broken bridge?

Tarahguy says:

I crossed so many broken bridges and god has set my life on the right track but then agian life has a lot of burning or frozen bridges that people cross

Nichole Besaw says:

i absolutely love this song, whenever i hear it, it makes me cry!!! <3

toby baconator says:

and how about for even more fans that did listen to the song before they watched the movie?

Elvis Dave says:

My ex told me a lot of water has run under the bridge since we split up.

I told her later on, Yeh you were right and now that same bridge has blowed up!

JBloverz2011 says:

I love this song I can’t stop listening to it and it dosnt make me cry but not a lot of things do and thank you for making this video I have been looking everywhere for it and couldn’t find it till now

Rachel Hamilton says:

You can’t have the rainbow without the rain. Life will go on no matter what your heart will go on.

sagenueve says:

Great song and beautiful. Life brings broken bridges that are difficult but we get through and come out stronger and wiser. Love always within and around us along our journey. Love always wins! ; )

Crystal Lynn Miller says:

This was beautiful, Thank you. (:

trippmary05 says:


kissmeninja123 says:

This is Lindsey haun its even on her CD

Namikaze1230 says:

Have the movie, pretty awesome. This is one of my favorite movies, Next to “To save a life” I love this song, but my favorite is Broken By lindsey haun in this movie.

ashley eavenson says:

this song reminds me of my life alot of it was crossing broken bridges but without those bridges i wouldnt be who i am today!!!!

Cassi Morgan says:


Stefan Damgaard says:

I like her lastname ;-) .. The same as mine ;-) 

Michaela Curry says:

Love this song <3

Gallagoose209 says:

Love this song-3

carsale44 says:

Baby it’s a heavy load…. Being lonely….

Tara Fisher says:

this song is a good song but yo uhave the lyrics wrong

Lisa Dawson says:

Love this song!!!!

Destanie Yarbrough says:

This song is mine and my mom’s song because we’ve both done a lot of bad things to each other…but we’ve also crossed some broken bridges together

Love4Music94 says:

This is a beautiful song

Erica Wootten says:

I love this song!

johnsonville1971 says:

Why do some. Ppl think they own this song when they really dont

mrmalaysia1 says:

Made me tear up. Such a beautiful song.

Ashley Harris says:

makes me cry everytime.!

lccjesterable says:

I love this song so much me and r friend sid and his family used ti go fishing everyday and lion to it i still lison to it everyday since i found out his wife died

lccjesterable says:

I cry everytime

Chelsey Renee says:

I love this song it made my mom cry cause she knew she was dyeing and it brings a tear to my eye cuz it reminds me of her and now cuz im dyeing from diabetes and I am not around any family

Kylelubrinmarch24th says:

Beautiful song but sounds a little depressing

Kate Carter says:

Im burning a bridge between my big brother and I. I haven’t and wont regret it because theres nothing to regret. Have I nice life chris.

angelcat183 says:

I was told not to burn bridges as I crossed them and one of my former Best friends did well she burnt any chances of us EVER being friends again. But someday she will need me….. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Mark Phillips says:

i have crossed some broken bridges and i have burnt alot of bridges in the passed but they say everything happens for a reason and i know some of those bridges wont never be built back

nancysparkman31 says:

This is one the song I played at my dads funeral I really miss I cry every time I here this song R.I.P. daddy I love you and always will no matter what I love you

nancysparkman31 says:

I have crossed some broken bridges I’m my live every one will or has some time or another no one is perfect except god I want my mama and daddy back I miss them but they are in a better place now.

WendyCrisp says:

I absolutely love this song & the movie. This is what brought my dad & I back together again after a 4 year separation just before he got sick & passed away. I miss him more everyday. He’s in a better place watching over me now. But we mended our broken bridges.

judith walley says:


judith walley says:


nichole lynn says:

i love it 150percent

nancysparkman31 says:

Today one of my grandfathers past away at 5:00am this morning I got the phone call at 10:45 this morning I started crying instantly the hard part was trying to say good bye for good and telling my three girls me and my girls all loved him we were all so close I can not bare that he is really gone for good I just want him back so badly my kids r so devastated he was always was their for me he was like my dad after my real daddy pasted away of cancer he fought for 5 and a half years

nancysparkman31 says:

I love u grandpa and always will in loving memory of James Story


I balled

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