Luke Bryan “Drink A Beer” – Lyrics

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Lyrics to Luke Bryan’s new song “Drink A Beer.” This song was released on August 13, 2013. I do not own this song. Rights of this song go to Luke Bryan.


brooke elmore says:

my brother took his life Tuesday and he was my bestfriend ! he loved his
drinking so in his memory once a month I will be playing cornhole and
drinking some beer for him !!! RIP bubba <3

Sarah Blackburn says:

Chris Stapleton (Your Man) & Jim Beavers (Why Don’t We Just Dance, 5-1-5-0)

alex skinner says:

My bestfriend and I were driving about 6 weeks ago when he lost control and
we rolled into on coming traffic. He was air lifted and I got taken by
ambulance to the hospital. When my girlfriend and friends got there they
were all crying and told me that he didn’t make it. It feels like just
yesterday we were little kids playing pee wee football together. On Fridays
after work I sit on the dock where we used to fish and drink a beer for
him. I miss you everyday Jake, ill see you soon buddy.

Eric Kramer says:

This is for my good Friend Jeff Chapman who died this last Thursday morning
before surgery…….R.I.P. My good friend :( Love you bro…..

countrylife2133 says:

this song gives me so much emotion. to see how many people have comment on
here and can relate to this song is amazing. so sorry very everyone’s
losses. I think of my aunt when I hear this song. lost her a year ago to
leukemia. My mom was at the hospital with her and called me, and then all
of sudden had to get off the phone with me cause they knew that my aunt be
taking her last breath.

mark smith says:

…my nephew & his soulmate were killed in a motorcycle accident a week
ago…I hate it that they died because they have children…hundreds of
people came to see them one last time…they were so loved…in my eyes she
saved his life when they got together…I will never hear this song again
without thinking about them….I love you Chad & Lindsey….

mark smith says:

…for all of you who have posted about your losses remember this: they are
all resting in the arms of God right now…yes, we miss them but “we will
meet again”…xxxxx(:

acerb45666555 says:

My mom has Parkinsons and Diverticulitus. The infection has advanced. Shes
86. Shes suffering the delusions now. This was a tough woman who served
theChurch and the chronic care patients in hospitals and she served the
Good Shepherd Nuns. When she cries in the fear from the dreams the
drug,(Stalevo), caused it rips me apart. She is my universe! Why must god
allow her to feel the fear and pain? My world descends into hell. She will
be gone and I must face the two legged wolves alone.

Alyssa Lund says:

This song fits what has happened in the 217 this summer. Five teenagers
have been taken from our community, two of them being brother and sister,
two being bf and gf and another a father. It just goes to show that life is
too short, and you never know when your last day will be. Cherish every
moment you have with your loved ones, friends, family, etc.. Until we meet
again. RiP Leo Alfano, Morgan Mckinnon, Peyton O’Neil, Zoe O’Neil and
Sydell Nelson. Rest in Paradise. <3

mark smith says:

…my dear, you are very welcome…I trust you are doing well this

bree hayunga says:

My best friend died last year in a motorcycle accident.He was hit by a 35
year old woman who was under the influence of crack.I had just left hours
before it happened to NC.Every single day I regret leaving. Ive spent my
entire life with him.We grew up together from bottles of milk to bottles of
beer. We always told each other that if something were to happen to either
of us to always take care of our families.I guess that’s me.To this day I
still spend time with his family. R.I.P. Jas I LOVE U!

Eps MonsterFilms says:

My cousin who was more of a brother died August 8th. He was only 19. He was
my best friend. I loved him so much. We went to all the SU games together.
We did everything together. He was the greatest man that will ever live. I
heard this song the day it came out and i listen everyday. Reminds me of
him. I know he is there watching me and im going to live for him. Every
time im on the golf course or basketball course, im playing for him. R.I.P
Mikey Peters

mark smith says:

…if you have read through these comments then you will see that I talked
about my nephew and his soulmate being killed last week in a motorcycle
accident…w/o going into great detail I will say that the first person to
hit them was reportedly drinking…just remember you will see your friend
again one day and you must be a beautiful person because you still spend
time with his family…God bless you….(:

markeopry says:

I thought I was about to listen to a funny song ” Drink A Beer” Now I have
tears running down my face…… Song needs a warning label!!!!!!!!!!

Debra Ivey says:

the best song Luke sings.

Morgan Golden says:

My 11 year old nephew died in a hit and run, the man that killed him was
under the influence, RIP Aaron, I love you, we all miss you<3

DieselPusher90 says:

had my best friend die in Iraq. I hit our favorite muddin hole every
weekend and I will always drink a beer for him. No matter what I always
leave a cold on right by the cross I made for him. God bless ya Steve. you
will be missed!!

William Leber says:

We got a cottage and a pier and too many good ones that are now gone that
“drank a beer” there. So we keep up the tradition….raise your
bottle…give thanks……and drink a beer

Tiffany McDonald says:


Louise Hawkins says:


Eric Szeles says:

My older brother passed away last year, and it hurts still. Still trying to
understand that he is no longer here. My older brother and I always would
go to Hunnington beach CA, and sit on a pier and watch the sun go down to
just talk about everything. I always will remember he always had a beer in
his hand. Now we no longer are able to do this things. This song reminds me
of hime. RIP Fonz

Brooke Dallman says:

I miss you so much boys <3 Austin, Tyler, Casey, Hunter, Nathan, and
Braden.. I love you all so much you boys better be watching over Bethany
and all my girls!

Stephanie Tsao says:

This song reminds me alot of my good old’ classmates that had horrible
accidents and passed away ;( I love you Luke Bryan!! <3 R.I.P.

Barry Eslick says:


LiveTo Ride says:

Rip Cody Lee Goodrich.

angellogan4lyfe says:

This song really hits home. My little brother drowned at age 18 8/4/13 and
so many times I have just sat along the river. R.I.P. Nathaniel Edward Logan

spenceremilee1 says:

Rip Kate smith love you baby girl I will always keep you in my heart and
never forget you I know you love Luke Bryan so much you would be so amazed
right now if you were here he write this song for you cause he couldn’t
come to your funeral

mckinsie ristvedt says:

RIP AM3 Brian S. Workman Jr U.S.N

MrRacingGameplay says:

Such a powerful song.. How can somebody dislike this?

BawssNet says:

He just killed this song at the CMA’s. Glad this tune is getting worldwide

WishesSailorMoon says:

Luke never lets me down.

Ian Smith says:

every song he makes gets better and better the more you listen to it!

jacob jones says:

best song ive heard in awhile!!!

Lexi Rowe says:

I CRY every time I hear this song 

Brittany Spillers says:

Two of my best friends were shot almost 2 years ago in a double murder
suicide. This song makes me think of them. They were the 2 best people
ever! Im trying to get my life together so one day i can see them again.
RIP Erin Jehl and Ryann Tipton <3

tyler holman says:

here’s my brothers song that died love you brother rip

Megan Fowler says:

I think I broke the replay button….whoops

Sierra Howell says:

rest in peace mom…’s been 14 years and it still hurts like hell…i
miss you so much

Alexis Schipper says:

I love this song

Twihard Swiftie says:

This song makes me think of a girl in my school who died a year ago. She
was a really nice person, she got along with everyone, she was an amazing
person and everyone loved her. She was getting bullied and apparently had
been since Primary. The bullying caused her to commit suicide. R.I.P AMY.
We all miss you xx

shootdoryu says:

I’m turn 21 on nov.30 and I lost a good friend the day. I turned 17 he had
gastric bypass surgery 3 or 4 days before and died of complications of it
he wasn’t that big he could have work out and lost the weight but he had
that damn surgery. I seen him a week before and tried to talk him out of it
but he wouldn’t listen he was only 30 he had a wife 2 kids he has a
grandson that will never know him. I’m going to go out buy a beer and drink
it i his memory.R.I.P Disan Sr.

Kaine Ashmore says:

Me and my best friend got off work late one night. Just a normal night. I
got a text in the morning saying he had swerved into an ambulance and had
passed away. Today is his birthday and i’m going to have a beer for you

Megan Hodle says:

Our little town just lost a great man last sunday, he was very well known.
He made nationwide news, he got to choose rather he wanted to live or die.
He fell from a tree stand last saturday and was paralyzed from the neck
down, has a new wife of only 3 months, and he has a baby girl on the way,
and he chose to let his self die because he didn’t want to live in a
wheelchair, with a ventilator to keep him breathing, yeah it’s sad because
he won’t ever see his baby, or watch her grow up. But I can understand why
he chose that for himself, who would want to live that way? I wouldn’t. He
was a great man and he will be very greatly missed, he’s so loved! Rest In
Heaven Tim Bowers. (They dedicated this song to him on K105.1 Radio this
morning at 8:00 a.m He was laid to rest at 10:00 a.m today.) Thoughts are
with his friends and family. Watch over us! We all are drinking a beer for
you!!!!! ~Bodles & Hodles ~ 

Emily Gray says:

I lost my dad on April 19, 2013. He was in the hospital and I’d been
staying there at night with him, and then getting up and going to school
the next morning. I slept in a recliner in the hospital room; even though
the nights were pretty much sleepless.

On April 18, at about 9pm I walked into his hospital room where my Aunts &
uncles on my dad’s side were chatting with him. His cousin said a few words
to him before she left, and my Dad laid his head down and that is the last
time I saw my Dad awake. I didn’t even get to hear him say ‘I love you
daughter’ one last time. I miss him like crazy and this song explains all
my feelings.

RIP Dad.<3 Love & Miss you so much.

holly mullins says:

I cry cause this song remind of my brother and my oldest nephew
! my brother killed in coal truck in Dec of 2010 then this past
summer of July 2013 my oldest nephew was killed in car wreck by his
friends he only 16 year old every one while I drink beer for
them to remember them forever in my heart !!!

Brianna Johns says:

Okay so I found out that my ex-uncle (my aunts ex husband) Brother had shot
and killed him. Even thought he wasn’t my actual uncle he was still my
cousins dad. And I love him just as much. My cousin is now 6 months clean
and I’m so proud of him <3 R.I.P Travis Nigro thanks for being such a great
father , Husband , Uncle , son and friend. I know Shaun loved you so much
and still does. And I have to say Journie is the cutest little girl ever <3

June Williams says:

This reminds me of the day my grandpa died. He killed himself because he
was an alcoholic and he couldnt handle life anymore. he was 51 he still had
a life to live. i miss him everyday and wish he was still here. 3 yrs and
its still hard to accept the fact that hes gone.

Jessica Smotherman says:

This song makes me think of my best friend who killed herself in 2009 when
we were only 19 years old. We had been fighting over petty stuff and hadn’t
spoke in months, she wrote to me in her last words & I just wish I could
let her know I forgive her, and I miss her. Love you Jessie Rose.

Katie Glime says:

This song reminds me of my great grandma. My great grandpa had surgery and
ended up in the hospital. And right in front of him she had a seizure…
All I remember is her in the hospital bed, not talking, no eyes open..
Nothing. She wouldn’t eat, her lungs would fill with fluid ad she could
drown, then one day it happened. She left us August 10th, 2013 at 8:21 pm.
And now my great grandpa is trying to live without her and he is the
sweetest man you could ever met! Please pray for him and his health it
would mean a lot! <3
- Thank you all (: 

Barbara Noles says:

Rest in Peace Uncle Ed. We miss you. 

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